Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Competition

Farmers No1 and 2 scouted out a farmer's market over the weekend. Everything is grown within a couple hours of the city but we are confident that we would be the nearest vendor. We would undoubtedly have the smallest acreage of any vendor as well. 

This year we planted one row of broccoli. It was a row eight feet long that produced seven full heads of broccoli with a handful of smaller offshoots. The farmer below has the broccoli market covered.
Presentation matters. There are a lot of distressed boxes and wicker baskets holding produce tied together with twine. This is a table of different cherries.
The swiss chard looks corn fed. We have chard as well but we've had to pick the leaves before they get this large or they get sun burnt.
The search tool on will point you to markets near you. 

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