Monday, July 7, 2008

Brooklyn Farm Border Security

Those cats are still at it. Every morning as we walk the rows Farmer No. 2 is on the lookout for traces of the cats. Their new favorite spot is our brand new boxes where they bury fresh poo. This forces us to look out for the concentrated swarm of flies. The feral cat community continues to multiply and until these cats start practicing safe and responsible behavior, or until we get the Mayor's Alliance on NYC's Animals on it, we contracted out a sniper. For 24 hour protection a motion-activated sprinkler is strategically placed to watch over the crops. The ASPCA endorses The ScareCrow as a humane method of addressing this pest issue. 

We will be monitoring the placement and the sensitivity dial.

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Unknown said...

This nascent patch of real nature, which has been in hiding since the death of Count Basie, reclaiming itself from The Dead Kennedys, is not Disney. The morbiidity & mortality that has occurred is real nature. It will eventually find balance, as found in The Moody Blues. A sewer rat with a long tail could have done it and not a feral cat. But the point is that nature did it. There will be locust infestations, mini tornadoes, dinasaurs crawling out of hiding, along with the birds & the bees (definitely not G rated Disney) and Farmers #1 & #2 (aptly named as they are euphemisms for the call of nature) will oversee their creation, but maybe should not apply outside, unnatural influences, as in real nature, Mother Nature loves all her creatures, including long-tailed NY City rats. Monsieurwood