Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cuteness vs. Cayenne Pepper

A year ago there was only one black cat in the backyard area of our block. This year there are no less than 10 stray cats roaming the yards and doing as they please. Farmer No. 1 heard a tip about using a cayenne pepper mixture to repel cats from backyards. The mixture was sprinkled everywhere, effectively turning the dirt red. Soon enough, the cat noses were all red and sneezing. So it does work, although the sneezing made Farmer No. 1 feel guilty. Also, if it rains or when the plants are watered the mixture is rendered useless. Cuteness wins for now.


Unknown said...

These look delicious. They grow wild in my yard. I make wine out of them. Gail Kenneth Wood

Anonymous said...

Too bad the cats don't eat bugs and worms!