Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update: Kimberly the Composter

Kimberly, our fat little composting bin, has been hard at work since March 1. The compost should be ready but it has been a learning process on how to get the balance right between green (living/nitrogen) and brown matter (dead/carbon). Right now, between the farm waste and kitchen scraps there is so much more green waste than brown so we've been using shredded newspaper as the carbon source.
Farmer No. 2 cuts up the expired broccoli to feed to Kimberly. Chopping up the waste speeds up the process by exposing more surface area to micro-organisms. 


Unknown said...

This agricultural Blog has a Clogger in it. Is Farmer #2 wearing Clogs in this Blog? I have known farmers and I have never known one to wear Clogs. Or a Nike hat. Or cut-off Gap jean shorts. And no farmer's tan? They usually wear old boots and snappy JC Penney plaid shirts. What's this farmer's pedigree, maybe Yale?
I see other controversial images in this picture. Perhaps other readers can point them out. What say you, Barbara KIMBERLY Reid.

Barbara k Reid said...

I think you are right farmers dont wear clogs. So I think that I will
do a short trip to north pole to ask and get some candy. How about the short cuts Gail?