Friday, July 4, 2008

Drying Lavender and Making Sachets

I planted a lovely lavender last year, and this year it has tripled in size and is nearly taking over the beets. In full bloom now, it scents the garden and is ready for harvest. The best time to harvest is early morning before the sun warms the buds and they emit their oils.

I rinsed out the lavender with the garden hose to remove any dirt or insects and left it to dry inside on a clean towel. Within minutes, our entire apartment smelled of real lavender (not a fake air freshener) and made it worth growing just for those few days of scent.

After drying for four days, I separated the buds from the stems and put a few scoops into a little sachet. The sachet is small pouch made from simple muslin - a fabric that is light enough to allow the scent to pass through and fill clothes drawers and linen closets with a fresh scent.
I sewed a little heart on the sachet for cuteness. And made a few more from a Japanese fabric I've been waiting to use. Very sweet and they smell great.


Anonymous said...

The sachets are so darling! What a great idea. Lavender looks great too.

Michael Unbreakable said...

Love lavender! Amazing!