Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of Season Dinner Party

A few weeks ago we invited some good friends over for an outdoor dinner. It's getting colder out and the light is fading. The dinner was a lot of fun and we can't wait for next year to do this more.
Farmer No. 1 setting the mood.
Farmer No. 2 and farm friend Mike picked figs and prepared them on the spot for a snack.
Fresh figs with peppered honey.


meredithbee said...

Do you guys have any idea what kind of fig tree you have? I live in the midwest and want to plant a fig tree but so far the Tennessee Mountain Fig Tree is the only one I've seen that would thrive where I live! Thanks and I love your blog!

Farmer No.2 said...

We only have guesses! The figs are dark purple/black so that whittles down the list. And the leaves are big. I guess there is an issue of Martha Stewart Living that has an article about figs (sept. 1997) but we have not seen it yet. There's a good chance a cutting was brought over from Italy because our neighborhood has intense history with that country.

There is a fig variety called hardy chicago fig. Midwestern name… maybe those will work?

Anonymous said...

What a really beautiful table setting and food!