Monday, August 4, 2008

Nick the Farmer

Our interaction with Nick the Farmer is usually confined to speaking through a fence where he points to plants and tells us what are doing wrong. A bit of a curious character (he speaks to us in italian with fragments of english), one thing is for certain—Nick knows plants. 

This weekend Nick the Farmer stopped by and gifted some beautiful italian green beans he is growing next door. We are always hungry for tips so was ushered straight back to the farm where we spent a good half hour barraging him with questions, begging for more tips. Here the state of the cucumbers is discussed.
Here, Nick the Farmer teaches Farmer No. 1 how to give the concord grape vine a haircut. Pulling off leaves around the grape bunches makes it easier to see and pick them when they become ripe.
A lot was discussed. More tips and more on Nick the Farmer to come soon.

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