Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rookie Mistakes

Welcome to our blog. This is my favorite picture from summer 2007. Last year we moved into our garden level apartment and what started out as a little garden turned into a full time vegetable farm. I had the brilliant plan of planting "a seed every two inches". Rookie mistake. I didn't really think it would all grow, but it did. By august, we had hundreds of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, peas... more than we could even give away. It was a big wonderful mess and amazing to see a those little seeds transform into giant plants. We are really excited for the garden of 2008, so there is much to come in the next few months...


Anonymous said...

bvwmurphyHi Emily & Jeff,

What a great blog. I do love your comments Emily, and I hope to hear more from Jeff!! I am wondering how he likes the farm ! I also need a great name for our farm, Jeff, you are so good at that kind of thing, do you have any ideas?? I guess you could say that our farms are mini farms.

We are thinking of having a couple of yards of 40/60 organic blend mulch added to our vegetable garden probably next week. We can't plant until May 15th so we still have a little bit of time.

Maybe you could explain a bit about "Kimberly" how is that going? Does it have a smell?

Does anyone have any ideas for a nice looking inexpensive water feature? I want to put in a couple in my gardens and I think one would be great in your space too. I can't think of anything creative that is inexpensive and unique.I am hoping you have some ideas.

Do you add ladybugs to your garden?

Thanks for the blog!

Victoria said...

Hi, Jeff & Emily!

I love that you have a blog! I can't wait to help you both. I haven't ever seen a better garden in NYC.

goody said...

can you put some more pictures of 2007 at your blog

Anonymous said...

I think you should frame this photo