Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farmer No.1

I grew up out in the country in Colorado, and my family always had a huge vegetable and flower garden. After moving to New York City and being surrounded by concrete, I realized how much I missed anything green. Simple blades of grass became a luxury. I resigned myself to the idea that as long as I lived here, I needed to forget about my love of nature and save it for another life. But then, a miracle happened. In the great new york apartment seach, we found this little jem of an aparment and it has a big backyard in the middle of brooklyn. I felt like my soul came to life. An entire part of my personality that was hidden suddenly came out in full force. I was shoveling mounds of dirt and laying sod and planting hundreds of seeds. The garden has become an obsession/money pit/blessing and I can't wait for the summer. Thanks for reading our blog.

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