Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kimberly Update

Farmer No. 2 was very doubtful. There are written rules about composting and last fall one of the farmers broke 90% of them. In the fall we stuffed Kimberly (our composter) full of yard waste and basically let her sit there over the winter. To No.2's amazement it almost all decomposed into a rich black gold. We peeked in a few weeks ago and saw some sprouting weeds. That happens when you throw weeds in for composting and don't tend the pile. A well tended pile heats up hot enough to kill seeds.

Back to Kimberly. We emptied her out to use in a new pepper box we built. (you can see a weed sprout)
The compost was still a little clumpy so it needed to be broken up.
And behold! Sifted compost ready for the plants.

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