Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farm Pizza

Farm friends Patrick, Erica and baby Lyla came by on Friday to experiment with grilled pizza. First we got some dough from Vinny's Pizzeria. $5 each which I think is a bit stiff… can't you tell when somebody's eyes go to the upper left they are lying? So when I ask 'Vinny' how much just dough is… his eyes go upper left and says…$5… he just threw out a number right? Anyways, it was worth it. Farmer No. 2 still had to throw the dough around to spread it out.
And then on a super hot grill you lay the dough down for 20 seconds. Turn it 90 degrees for another 20 seconds and the flip it for 30 seconds. As read by Farmer No. 1 from Men's Journal.
Take the dough off the grill and put down the ingredients on the first side. Then stick the pizza on the grill for another 2–5 minutes.
Done! This was the first pizza and you can see Farmer No. 2 was still figuring out how to get the shape right.
Fresh beets and tomatoes from the farm. A caprese salad by Farmer No. 1.
Great pictures by Patrick.

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Nerdalie said...

Lovely! I would always have grilled pizza in Providence and have never tried making it myself. Looks like yours were a success!