Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local Italian Farmer Gives Tomato Tips

Our neighbor, Nick, is an actual farmer from Italy, and occasionally he shouts gardening tips over the chain link fence that divides our gardens. One day he launched a very heavy black plastic bag over the fence. He explained, in his thick Italian accent, that the secret to his prize tomato plants is chicken poop...and he thoughtfully saved us a big bag. How exciting...and scary...but we trust this man's wisdom, so we took his advice. Here are Nick's step-by-step instructions (translated from broken italian/english) for using chicken poop in your tomato garden... just don't ask us where to buy it.

Step 1: Dig holes at least 12" deep where you plan to plant your tomatoes.

Step 2: Open bag of chicken poop. Here is the kind Nick uses.

Step 3: Add a few shovels to each hole. Cover up with dirt and mark the spots for later planting.

We will keep you updated. If this raises any alarm, please post a comment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Nick, can really grow those veggies. It doesn't look like his garden actually gets that much sun.