Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making Fig Jalapeno Jam

Figs are ripening non-stop right now. For this harvest we decided to make a Fig Jalapeno jam. Hot and sweet.

We are working on jam labels too and will show pictures of the finished product soon.


Wendy said...

this is gorgeous! I've been working with the same materials lately - figs, jalapenos, canning. Beautiful photos of this fun process.

meemsnyc said...

This looks awesome! Will you post a recipe?

Garfonzo said...

Hello from the West Coast of Canada! I have been following your blog for a while and enjoy the goings on of your farm. It is remarkable what you produce with such limited space in Brooklyn.

A friend of mine and I have started a blog to discuss our experiences with gardening and cooking on Vancouver Island. I have put a link on our blog ( to your blog. I hope that is OK.


Holly Springett said...

Beautiful photos, love the fig/jalapeno mix!

OLAya said...

Hola!! From spain.... congratulations for this blog, it is quite amazing what you can do in a little piece of land in new york.
I really like a fig jalapeno jam idea, I am going to try it with my aunt's figs now is the best moment of the year for figs....
Please keeping the blog and still show us a new option of good and organics food!!!

Anonymous said...

Love what you've done with the figs! (and your whole blog in general...)

We also have large, older, well established fig trees and give away figs daily these days. We just moved into this place a month ago (paradise!) and I'm wondering about the fig you prune yours or wrap it at all for the winter? Our landlord says they've never wrapped them - the oldest tree is about 50 years old and the youngest is about 30. But pruning...well, any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks and happy harvesting!

Brooklyn Farm said...

We'll write up a recipe soon!

Brooklyn Farm said...

hello redgardenclogs,

have a look at this older article about our fig tree.

We do prune. Otherwise we won't be able to reach the figs up top. That's been a recent realization.

Thanks for reading!
-Brooklyn Farm