Monday, June 14, 2010

Berries and Broccoli

Recap: A year ago, Nick the Farmer passed over a shoddy twig and told us to stick it in the ground by our fence. That twig sprouted some leaves and grew 8 feet in every direction and produced some kind of mystery berry. This year that twig now spans half the length of our fence and has berries everywhere. We hope to finally resolve what kind of berries they are. Jams and pies galore. Also on the watchlist is our broccoli. This particular one is the first to sprout. On one hand we're happy it worked where we planted it (a little shady). On the other, it's pretty goofy looking and we've got our fingers crossed that the others will be nicer. Maybe there was some pruning we needed to be doing?


Holly G. said...

They're mulberries! The mulberry tree was my favorite climbing tree as a kid, and now I have one in my backyard too.

valentina said...

those are blackberries. i do know a blackberry bush from a mullberry tree. promise.
i have to forage for my blackberries (in swiss forests), jealous you've got them in your yard in brooklyn!

Garfonzo said...

I will also confirm that they are Blackberries. They grow wild (rather invasive actually) where I am from (West Coast of Canada). Be careful as they will overtake everything - they grow like weeds!