Sunday, April 18, 2010


We planted some early spring onions this weekend. 

We are still having problems with cats digging up plants. Plastic forks are the latest line of defense.

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Mark Pruce said...

Howdy - I'm a fellow city-dwelling-soil-loving-paradox-of-a-gardener new to brooklyn, living with a bunch of friends who are trying to throw seeds at the earth and hope they grow us pizzaslices and kale. Our garden attempts are going alright so far but I've taken to late night internet searches for 'the answer' and found 'your blog'. Is there any chance I could stop by the farm and maybe take a walk around, ask a few questions? I promise not to be annoying, I'm just really interested to see how other people are doing it, I'm pretty sure its unnecessary to reinvent the wheel here.
I'm located in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (just east of Prospect Park) and I live with my girlfriend and six friends in a place with surprisingly large yard area. Let me know if you give walking tours (I'm pretty sure I could tell from the pictures that the tour wouldn't be much of a walk) but I'm just getting into gardening seriously and would like to pick your brains. I could bring a six pack of beer or something else that is to your liking to help make it worth your time. Thanks,
(I may not see if you respond on this post, emailing me at might be better).