Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Herbs

We have more herbs than what we know what to do with. A few types of exotic basil, a selection of thyme, oregano, chives, wild arugula and more. So we are on the hunt for recipes that can take advantage of all of this. Mixed in with salad is our usual route. Last night No. 2 made a herb risotto that wasn't so good… probably too many different kinds of herbs. Any other ideas?


HilaFree said...

Hi guys! I wish we had your problem - our herb garden is currently being eaten by some unknown pest. You can always go the traditional pesto route with the basil (and wild arugula yum!) - it freezes well. I also like a good herbal vinegar or oil - thyme and lemon work well together or oregano and dried chili pepper. Last but not least, a roast chicken with herbs crammed in the cavity and also chopped finely and rubbed under the skin makes for a really good dinner! I'll see if I can think of any more. Good luck!

Christina Megill said...

This won't get rid of A LOT of your herbs, but when you have guests over... make mint, thyme, basil, etc sprigs with a bobby pin for the ladies, and a lovely smelling boutonierre for the gents.
Love your blog.

Farmer No.2 said...

Those are super ideas.