Friday, September 5, 2008

Plant Problems: That is not kohl rabi

The seed packet is labelled kohl rabi. There is no way that this plant is kohlrabi. This plant looks an awful lot like a dandelion. That would mean that the seed company is selling packets of weeds under the guise of cabbage. Good thing that dandelion greens are actually extremely nutritious cooked or raw.
Bad thing that the growing season is extremely short… as the leaves get bigger the taste goes more bitter. A taste test Farmer No. 2 confirmed that the leaves are in fact bitter. The plants have also flowered which is another sign that we missed harvest time. At least the hundreds of bugs loitering on the stalk are enjoying themselves.


Anonymous said...

WOW. Seeds aren't cheap either - unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, great blog! I am so happy I found your kohl rabi post as I was wondering what on earth I had planted! Same thing happened to me. After I read your blog, I figured mine were dandelion greens too so I went out to chop them down only to find a root ball underneath all the leaves! And it looks like a rutabaga! I can't believe they made a mistake with the seed packets but I'm glad mine are not dandelion greens as I wouldn't know what to do with those. I hope yours also ended up being rutabaga too as those leaves look exactly like mine.